Peapod Gateway Page

As part of a complete overhaul of the Peapod website, I designed a new responsive Gateway page which resulted in reducing the bounce rate by 30%.

Image of Peapod Gateway on a mobile device

Peapod Help Section

With the redesign of the Peapod website, the existing Help section became outdated. This presented the opportunity for me to consolidate articles and construct a new, optimal information architecture.

Image of Peapod Help Section on desktop

Ice-Burg Project

I was part of a team that won a grant to create an interactive art installation entitled "Ice-Burg", that responds to proximity and touch by engaging the user with music and lights. Ice-Burg explores the concept of placemaking in public spaces by encouraging interactions and connecting people who would otherwise not know each other.

Image of girl touching illuminated sculpture

Shedd Aquarium Accessibility

Currently most museums do not design their exhibits to accommodate visitors with disabilities, particularly those with visual impairments. I was part of a team that investigated this problem space, and provided recommendations for improvement to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

Image of participant who is visually impared touching a tactile exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium

Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out to me regarding work opportunities. You may also find me on LinkedIn.