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I've been fortunate in my career to be part of great teams and work on interesting projects. Here is a selection of a few of my work samples:


As a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) practitioner I rely upon a system of methods for investigating new problem spaces, validating design decisions, and testing for usability issues. These methods include:


Useful in ideating new features or systems.


Used for user testing as well as communicate designs with developers.

User Testing

Crucial element of UX Design used for uncovering usability issues & collect qualitative and quantitative data.


Helpful for finding out users goals, needs, and pain-points.

Contextual Inquiry

Valuable tool for learning about users in their natural settings and gain new insights.


Useful for gaining insights into a new domain & learning user behavior.

Heuristic & Accessibility Evaluations

Used to quickly finding usability & accessibility issue by following accepted guidelines.

Competitive Analysis

Process of analyzing competitors in a particular domain, to learn how they handle common design problems.


Visual tool for conceptualizing a design solution through storytelling, using quick sketches.

Card Sorting

Conducted on-line or in person to design an information architecture, and menu structures.

Journey Mapping

Used to plot out an ideal user's experience & visualize pain-points and opportunities for improvement.

Affinity Diagramming

Process of grouping insights into themes to gain understanding of a particular domain & generate requirements such as "user stories".


Quick and easy way to generate initial design ideas. Good for rapid iteration.


Used to collect qualitative & quantitative data. Can be distributed to a very large set of users, so statistical significance can be achieved.

Literature Review

Valuable way to save time by tapping into existing knowledge gained from previous studies.

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